Brianna Wentz (she/her) is a Winnipeg-based painter, arts administrator, and occasional curator. Though her family is super Mennonite, she is German/Dene/Cree.

Brianna’s painting practice probes obsession and fetishization as the by-products of disconnection, which in Internet speak, roughly translates to “ 8==D… o_O???”. Her style draws influence from German Expressionism, horror films, and goth/metal subculture.

Brianna holds a BFA (Hons.) from the University of Manitoba and works as the Special Projects Coordinator at aceartinc. She has co-curated with Synonym Art Consultation and has independently curated exhibitions for Allegria Galleria, a gallery project run out of X-Cues’ Cafe and Lounge. In summer, she does mural commissions. On Tuesdays, she pole dances.

Full CV available upon request.

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